The Cocky
Crane story

1969 is a year that’s spoken of to this day. It was the year that Herrljunga Cider first started fermenting. But what not everyone knows is that this very year a crane chose to end her journey with us at Herrljunga Cider.


The crane landed right on top of the roof next to one of the cidery’s exhaust vents. This is where the smell of apples is strongest, and so it was here she camped. This crane was special, and not at all shy. In fact, she was rather cocky when she stole morsels from the rejected apples in the yard.  It was an unusual autumn, one in which it was common for the Crane’ to be found sneaking around the applebuckets.

She seemed to thrive at the cidery to say
the least and lingered late into the autumn. But when
the cold hit hard, it was time to say goodbye. She
gave a farewell call, beating her wings and pointing
her beak south. And so, the story of our crane lives
on from grandpa Bertil’s time.

We named our brand ‘Cocky Crane’ after her. It’s
here we collect some of our most exciting products,
with brave and slightly cheeky flavours in tribute to
our friend the crane. And who knows, if you take a
trip to Herrljunga, perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of
her – the cocky, well-travelled crane.