Swedish premium
cider with an attitude

Sweet, but not too sweet, bubbly, fresh and delicious – Quenches your thirst on a hot day, or whenever you want to chill. Cocky Crane cider is a modern, delicious cider in sparkling colors.

Cocky Crane is produced in the great Cidery in Sweden,
named Herrljunga Cider.
Herrljunga Cider is a family owned company in the fourth generation and one of the Nordic leading manufacturers of beverages.

Swedish cider

Each bottle contains handpicked apples crushed on site in our own press and naturally fermented. Some of our ciders are plain, some are hopped and some are spiked with fresh pressed juices.

Handcrafted swedish cider

The company’s Herrljunga Cider is the market leader of cider in Sweden. Beyond cider we also produces other beverage in brands like Herrljunga Musteri, Herrljunga Rå, Dufvenkrooks and Cocky Crane.